Whidbey Cider Company
Whidbey Cider Company

About Us



Whidbey Cider Company is a family business just outside  of Langley, Washington. The first thousand trees of our orchard have been planted, and our 3600 square foot cidery is in development.


From 25 years of cider making experience

Our focus is on producing traditional, ultra-premium estate cider and perry (wine made from special pears). Our apples and perry pears are exclusively from our island orchard. We are primarily using French, British, and American cider and heirloom apples. These varieties have been grafted from old tree to new, often for hundreds of years. Some of our trees haven’t been a seed for over four hundred years. Many are grafts from the same trees our foundering fathers used to make their cider. A few of the varieties we grow here were thought to have been lost during prohibition, when many renowned American cider apple orchards were destroyed. Found again and now growing in our orchard on  Whidbey.


The best comes from here

In our marine climate, similar to the best cider apples  regions of the world, our orchard currently has over 60 varieties in the ground. Despite its small size, this makes our island orchard one of  the most diverse cider apple and perry orchards in the region. We’re  using modern growing techniques such as dwarfed trees grown on trellises, akin to a vineyard. This gives us more control over the  growing environment, producing the highest quality fruit while limiting our impact on the planet.


Tasting Room Coming Soon